Phil Gillies Consulting

Providing government relations, public relations and strategic counsel services to a range of clients in both the business and not-for-profit sectors.

Phil Gillies is a former Member of the Ontario Legislature and former Ontario Cabinet Minister. He also served as Executive Director of the Ontario Construction Consortium and as a senior associate at Enterprise Canada. Phil was also Secretary of the Mayor’s Task Force on Toronto Community Housing. He also executed projects for the City of Toronto, York Region, Halton Region and the City of Niagara Falls. He has decades of experience in public affairs/public relations.

Public Affairs Consulting

As a Public Affairs Consultant, Phil Gillies helps organizations navigate the complex world of government and public policy. Consultants provide strategic advice and guidance to businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies on a range of issues related to public policy, legislation, and regulation.

Phil has worked with key levels of government to shape public policy, by building relationships with government officials, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders he has been able to help his clients work through even the most complicated of red tape. Often engaging in activities such as lobbying, public relations, grassroots organizing, and campaign management to achieve his clients’ objectives.

Environmental Activist

A consultant for international environment group WildAid, Gillies helped to spearhead the ban after receiving support from Brantford Mayor Chris Friel and other councillors. He said he faced reluctance to ban the product in Canada’s bigger cities.

“We had to get somebody to get the ball rolling on this. There is a widespread consensus that a ban on shark fin is needed,” he said.

Event Promotion & Fundraising

As an event promoter, your job requires a mix of creativity, planning, organization, and exceptional service skills. Being able to think on your feet, work under pressure, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously to ensure the success of your events. No event happens without proper planning and sponsorship. That’s where Phil shines. With a love of music and frequent concert attendance that stretches back to the seventies, Phil is in his element connecting with entrepreneurs and fund raising teams in order to ensure the show must go on!